I know we don't see eye to eye

You have your ways and I have mine and

I used to think I'm always right

But now I see another side


Everything has changed and

Nothing is the same and

Everything will be alright


Cause I’m gonna surrender

Even though I can't see no way out of this mess

And I'm gonna defend her

All the way to my last and dying breath

Tell me do you remember

Falling asleep on the rise of my chest

So I’m going to surrender

And if I give up

Maybe she will give in


You can be so hard to love

Mess with my head and I get lost

No, I'm not your enemy

Though sometimes you make me out to be


Everything has changed and

Nothing is the same

Everything will be alright


(Repeat Chorus)


I know sometimes

It’s hard to believe

We’ll come out alive

How can we escape when

Our hearts always breaking


(Repeat Chorus)


written by

Chase Perryman

Luther Lewis


Red Fish Blue Productions (Ascap)

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