Swagger Rock meets Rap



Thanks so much for the opportunity to work together! Here is what I am proposing. . .


I have had a lot of requests, both from music supers and from libraries, wanting what they call "Swagger Rock." In the playlist below, the first two songs are ones I wrote with Brandon Matias. This should help get a sense of my capabilities in that genre. 


I was working on a new song in this style and thought it would be cool to have you rap the verses as I sing the choruses. This is the third song in the playlist called, "Bad as it Gets." I admittedly am more of a singer-songwriter, and less of a producer. So I was also hoping that you can help own the production as well if it is a song you are interested in. 


The rapping I am doing in the verse is just to show the concept, I am not pretending for a second that I am a rapper. I just thought it might be helpful to show the amount space I was thinking and the tone. Hopefully, this won't distract you from your own writing!

Managing Expectations

There is not a deadline on this, so please realize there is no pressure. Also, if this song isn't jiving with you, you are not going to hurt my feelings. If you like the concept but not the song, we can go back to the drawing board completely. 


I use Logic Pro as my DAW and can track and tune my vocals (though the ones in the demo above have not been tuned). And... I always check my ego at the door. I don't care about getting my artistic feelings hurt, I just want to create the best music that we can together. So, please know you can always be brutally honest with me. Lord knows my wife is ;)


Also, I use "Chase Perryman and the People Familiar with the Situation" as an artist name when releasing new songs to TV, Film, and Ads. This is a banner that I can use regardless of whom I work with, and from a music super's perspective it sounds and looks more like a band name which I think they seem to prefer. 


Not going to lie, this song was inspired a lot by the Black Key's "Baddest Man Alive", and my hope is to have a tune that can compete with that when people are deciding on a song to use for a scene.


Also, Zade Wolf is kind of the embodiment of "Swagger Rock" right now, so anything from him is good to use as a reference.  



Thanks for the opportunity to work with you Owen! I'm excited to hear what you think.