This volume of songs was created for synchronization with tv, film, and commercials. Perryman and crew explore retro-inspired R n’ B, singer-songwriter ballads that are intimate and immersive, vintage-sounding blues tunes, as well as a few catchy, up-tempo indie-pop tracks. The production quality, musicianship, and storytelling are impressive and professional. Though this is a study in several genres, themes, and moods, Perryman’s powerful vocal performance unites the tracks. The soulfulness and distinct character of his voice allows this volume to be both cohesive and highly marketable to the world of TV and film. 


Years ago when I was performing the open-mic night circuit in Nashville, I had an epiphany (it was painful, but my doctor gave me an ointment). If I wanted the crowd to stop talking long enough to hear my lyrics, the song and the singing had to have one thing: soul, and heart and a spotty ability to count. The more soul I injected into my writing, singing, and performing, the more people paid attention. 


Though the genres I dabble in today vary a bit – everything from vintage R'nB to Singer-Songwriter to modern Blues Rock, while I continue to explore different lyrical themes, and while I experiment with new arrangements and work with new producers, that one word, "soul" is still at the core of every song I create. 


Still based out of Nashville, TN, my musical journey has taken me from a frequent open-mic performer to touring the west coast. I've gone from being signed with a label to becoming an independent artist writing songs for TV and Film. 


As a fan of music myself, "soul" is that seemingly indefinable element that can make me fall in love with a song or a singer. Maybe it can make you fall in love with what I do as well. As cheesy as it sounds, I always promise to give a little piece of my "soul" and the occasional toenail in every song I write and sing. 



So who are these mysterious People Familiar with the Situation? And why does it sound so cool? The answer to the first question comes in three parts. 


The People Familiar with the Situation are a roster of talented musicians who help me perform live. They are bandmates that help me kick ass on the stage. 


The People Familiar with the Situation are also co-writers and co-producers that I write songs with for TV and Film. It's a kind of catch-all term for anybody that works with me professionally, though often it is at least my constant muse, careful manipulator, and crafty MVP, Daniel Shearon. 


Lastly, and most importantly, the People Familiar with the Situation are the fans of my music. 


I have crafted a slogan over the years that is a call-to-action for people unaware of my musical brand: "Get Familiar." It's an invitation to anyone who wants to listen to entertaining and catchy music and have a lot of fun while doing it. And once you are familiar, well... let me know. I'll teach you the secret handshake.



A prolific musician, composer, sound engineer, and producer. Good luck trying to find something that Steve can not sonically create. 


Guitarist, producer, writer, and daredevil stuntman. Specializing in taking the written word and adding dumb jokes.


A jazz guitar virtuoso and an in-demand composer for TV and Flim. Whose hair – I might add – always looks nice.





A professionally touring bassist and studio mastermind, Jim's library of music is both diverse and impressive. He was also voted nicest guy wearing a cap three years in a row.


Tall, bald, and handsome, Nathan slap-a-da-bass 'bout as good as anyone. His harmonies are on point and he is a snappy dresser.


A well-rounded guitar rocker, Brandon has perfected commercial-quality production. His shrimp gumbo's not bad either.

Want to co-write? License one of my songs? Book me for a gig? Tell me to stop asking questions?


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