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Could Fall For You

Not sure really sure what I’m feeling but
It’s something
It’s like a whisper in the night
But give it time
And it might
Get brighter

Your touch
Is enough rush
There’s no reason
For leaving
This bed

Your face
Is a safe place
Thank heavens
A haven for rest

Hold on
Just give me a second let me think this through

If you just hold on
Feels like any minute I could fall for you

Could fall for you
Any minute I could fall for you
Could fall for you
Any minute I could fall for you

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Rain Coming Down

There’s no light
Just a dark shadow that swallows me whole
There’s no fight left
No bark or bite to control
My soul’s light
A spark feeling underexposed
My whole life’s
Been dealing with the darkness that grows

As my attention slips
Listening to my inner scripts
All of my innocence
Soured by my insolence
All of the hours spent
Scouring the internet
Searching for the end of this
Or for the equivalent

Wonder if this fog will lift
As I float adrift in a sea of emptiness
When I reminiscence
There’s no happiness
There’s no laughter there
How could there be
Until I finish this

Every day I feel the pain
Follows me around just like a cloud
I search for shelter all in vain
Cause I know, the rain’s coming down
Cause I know, the rain’s coming down

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In Tatters

I kept my head up
Kept an eye out for a sign
A sign

Lift my legs up
Step by step but still I’m blind
I’m blind

You won’t leave my heart alone
Like a rottweiler with a bone
Followed your laws down to the letter
But you still left me in tatters